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Sunday 23 August 2015

Why use Play Doh/ Mårla ?

I use Mårla every day with my first class. 

I say "Mårla" as I'm not sure what the proper name is- probably plasticine.
Play-doh is great for younger years- but this is the old-school, tougher stuff! The stuff you have to warm up to manipulate!

The children get so much from this activity.

I schedule it after they write down their homework in the morning, as I get through some reading.
It keeps them on task as they want to have the homework down so they can get their marla. This allows for the few stragglers to come in and get their homework down too.

Firstly as it is a bit harder, it's great for their fine motor skills. They can roll, flatten, pinch and create small pieces from it.

I add craft supplies to their individual marla box (hygiene). They press, cut, saw with these. I encourage them to use their imagination and add craft supplies to the box that they want to use- milk carton lids, straws, plastic spoons etc.

As the year progresses, I always see their creativity progressing. They move from rolling the marla to making characters/ machines and then to creating games with these.

It always helps with handwriting and pencil skills.

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