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Wednesday 19 August 2015

Art and Design Education in LIT

"Hi Claire, I'm thinking of doing the MA in art education in LIT. Would you recommend it? Are there many primary teachers doing the course?
Is it enjoyable? Any info on it would be great smile emoticon


Why this course?

Having studied with Hibernia College (twice) - some people thought I was crazy to go back to college (again!). I have always loved art, but it just wasn't a career option when I was going to college. I did a BA in Arts in NUIM and a postgrad in Primary Education with Hibernia College. I also have an MA in Teaching and Learning from Hibernia. So why go back again? 

I love my job- but there are so many aspects to teaching. I found the MA in Teaching and Learning very interesting and it definitely deepened my knowledge of the while learning process.

Art is like a therapy for me. I loose myself in it. I have always talked about returning to it when I had my career off the ground. Little did I know I would end up combining the two! This course is all about following my heart. 

The Course in LIT:

The MA in Art and Design Education is a distance learning style course. Attendance is required four times a year in the Limerick School of Art and Design. The majority of the interaction takes place online.
It is a two year part-time course.

Participants on the course are from a variety of educational backgrounds. I find this really great- I am the only primary school teacher on the course this year, but there are people who work with children's art in other settings: private art class, artists in schools and university lectures of primary education courses. 

What has the course entailed so far?

We began in September 2014 and have completed modules 'Gel', 'Mull' and 'Vet' so far. Currently I am working on 'Rev.

The course itself really allows for your creative side to develop. It's structured very differently from other courses I have studied, but I must say, I am getting so much from it- I think this is because it is so practical.

There are times when I feel out of my depth as I didn't study art at university level before, but the lectures are very supportive and as the beginning modules work on creating a community of practice there is a very safe learning environment where everyone encourages and supports one another.


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