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Sunday, 30 August 2015

"Myself", Senior Classes

"Hey Claire.. You're doing a great job. I've sixth class I'm looking for new ideas to do with the theme myself. Any would be great something different. Thank you

A lot of points in my previous post are still relevant in senior classes:


Here are some more ideas that may be useful in the senior classes!

During my drawing skills classes, the children were given a long length of string to create the contours of their self- portrait. 

By standing a child up on a height- the other children can draw them from a lower perspective. We discussed how the head would look smaller than normal and the feet bigger because of the angle they were looking at the child from.

I love this idea- it integrates literacy and SPHE also. In the self portrait are all the things that make that person them! It's a nice alternative to a 'myself' poem.

Children may also finish the other half of their portrait from a photo. You could also print out a photo on paper, rule squares over it. Rule the same amount of squares on a bigger blank piece of paper and draw what they see in each square on the paper. 

Create silhouettes by drawing around their heads. Then fill the silhouettes with all the hobbies and characteristics that make them unique!

Pop Art- take a photo and print it out. Using carbon paper, trace over the photo. Then they can have fun making them into a pop art style. There is also great space here to teach them about Pop Art: http://www.ducksters.com/history/art/pop_art.php. 

Here's another Pop Art response to Self Portraits- looking at Andy Warhol:

I really liked this idea also- 

A self-portrait in mosaic.

I thought this was a fun idea!

We responded to Picasso using coloured paper with the older children.

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