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Saturday 29 August 2015

What is in your art supplies kit?

In my school we get our art supplies at the beginning of each year. This includes A4, A3 and A2 paper, lollipop sticks, glue, paint, felt, tissue, crepe paper, paper plates and clay. We also have a small allowance to buy some extras if we need to.

If you are starting teaching practice- check what the teacher has in the classroom before you go out and buy. Keep in mind that it has to last the full year though, so be mindful of the amount you use also!

In other schools that I worked in, some teachers buy all their own equipment.

This is what I like to have:

A class set of scissors- left and right.

A selection of light and dark pencils
A variety of paper- including newsprint, wallpaper and spare bits of backing paper

Paint & Colour-
Thin and thick paint brushes- cheaper is fine for younger years. I'd imagine the seniors would need a better quality and a few fine paint brushes to allow them to create higher standards of work.
Oil Pastels
Chalk Pastels
Paints- Yellow always runs out on me! :)
Acrylic paint is handy for printing, and dries quicker than printing oils
Marbling inks

Fabric and Fibre-
Materials box- about 6 years ago I got loads of old material books from a local curtain shop. I have them all in a large plastic box and add bits and pieces now and them. The children love to literally dive into it!
Cotton wool comes in handy every year
Embroidery thread
Plastic needles

There are normally clay moulding tools in the schools central resource.
Slip is handy to have to stick clay together
Plastic tubes for rolling, I cut some plumbing piping up.

There are normally rollers in the class resource centre
Acetate or the plastic covers from old CVs

Old egg cartons
Toilet/ kitchen paper rolls
Masking tape
Cardboard- cereal boxes
Plaster of Paris strips are great to have for construction too

SESE Books
National Geographic magazines
Toy Catalogues

As the years go on, my classroom seems to get more and more cluttered...I blame art!! ;)

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