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Wednesday 19 August 2015


Marbling is such an easy technique that can be forgotten about! You might even have the inks in your class resources and just over look them!

These inks are so so user friendly.

Simply pour a small amount of water in a container- not too much as it will dilute the colours.

Squeeze a few drops of the desired colours on to the water. They will float on top. Get a lollipop stick and gently swirl the colours. The children will naturally keep mixing them- so it might be a good idea to give them a sample one to see when they are over mixed (the colours will mix together and make a brown colour).

Place your paper on top of the water. The marbling ink will transfer to the paper. 

Peel off.

I used this lesson as a response to a local artist's work - Niall Leavy. He uses small squares of colour to create a big piece. This gave the children opportunities to do the process over and over again!

Another method is to use shaving foam and food colouring.

Place the shaving foam (make sure it's not the gel!) in a container. 
Pour a few drops of food colouring on top. 
Swirl with a lollipop stick and place the paper on top.

There will be shaving foam on the page. Just scrape off with the lollipop stick- it won't affect the marbled dye effect.

This is also a brilliant sensory activity in special classes. 

'Marbling' at another level- dipping marbles in paint and rolling around on top of paper. Very messy and lots of fun!! 

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