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Monday 17 August 2015

What Drawing Materials to Use?


Markers and Crayons- These are harder and can stand up to their quicker drawing methods.
Children should be moved to finer point pencils/crayons when they begin to colour neatly and look for them. The larger crayons can be very frustrating to use in smaller areas.

Oil pastels are great to get bright, vibrant colours and are very effective on displays.

There should be a range of paper types and sizes available at this age.

First Class to Fourth:

Soft chalk pastels are suitable to introduce at this stage.

Smudging and blending can be achieved with charcoal. I like to use this on newsprint paper.

Children draw their interests and what they observe at this age.
They use symbols to represent objects ('m' for bird in the sky). It is beneficial to encourage the children to observe what they are drawing at this stage to aid the development of their drawing.

Fourth Class to Sixth:

Drawing skills can be introduced at this stage. (See Previous Post). Children will have been given the opportunity to experiment with different drawing materials and may have preferences.

Other ideas:
Drawing objects one in front of the other.
Objects getting smaller as they are further away.
Objects moving up the page getting smaller as they are further away.

Still Life:
Recognise size difference
Edges of objects

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