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Saturday 15 August 2015

Capturing the Process

The best art lesson I every did with a class resulted in very little product.

It began with exploring the concept of 'Texture'. I placed different materials on the desk and asked the children to draw the texture. They did not understand this at all- I got drawings of the full piece of clothing I had placed on the desk.

They were so focused on product.

So I placed 'windows' on the items and asked them to draw what they could see in the 'window' (a piece of paper with a square cut out).

The SNA in the room and I just stood and watched as children discussed the texture of the materials. We were astonished at what was happening in front of us- children were experimenting with their brushes- trying strokes and dabbing. One child turned their brush upside down to make a different mark.

Then a child whizzed by me- heading to the bathroom to get tissue to dab the paint to get the same texture as the fur. This initiative was amazing for a seven year old!

As the display went up- there wasn't much to see. This lesson was all about the creative process. Definitely the most memorable art lesson I have ever taught!

I've been trying to play with this idea as part of my study. This is a video of my own art process. May be a good idea to bring to art teaching!

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