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Monday 10 August 2015

Classroom Management during Art

Art is a lesson that many teachers dread- it can be chaotic!

September art lessons are all about setting up a routine and structure for art, each to their own- but this is what I find works best for me!

Art begins with clearing desks. Each child brings their pile of books to a designated area. They keep their pencil case.
There are children to help with jobs- they are chosen at the beginning of each month.

I like to timetable Art on a Thursday after little break. It's a fun lesson at the end of the week, not on a Friday when there are tests to get through and mark.
By scheduling the lesson after little break there is time for children who are slower finishers to complete their work and if the tidying up takes a longer time than expected it is less stressful to get it done after lunch, rather than trying to get the kids packed up for home and then finishing it on your own after.

I introduce the lesson before any equipment is handed out- ensuring full attention etc.

I always hand out the paintbrushes last, why leave that temptation in front of idle hands?!

I write the date on the board and the children write their name and date on the back of the page. I think it's great for parents to have dates on the art work- especially if it's stored away.

At first class level, the art lessons are very very structured at the beginning of the year. As the children develop better awareness skills and mature out of the infant stage they become more independent in setting up and clearing up.
At the beginning of the year, when the child is finished their work they sit and wait in their seat. Some children will dip their fingers in the paint so you might need to think of jobs for those.
I will usually collect the wet art work myself and place in the drying area- as I get to know the class, I will pick someone to help me collect them- and by the end of the year, most of the children can carefully carry art work to the drying area.

Children always put their hand up when they want more paint- remind them to put the brush down before!

Paint is only ever mixed on a mixing tray- not in the palettes.

I will change the water at the beginning of the year- children will have this job later on also.

I leave a cloth to dry their brushes in between washing and getting a new paint colour. This prevents their work getting wet and soggy.

Scissors are always held like a bunch of flowers.

Children wait in their seats while the children with clean up jobs do them. These jobs are already given so no 'teacher can I do this?'- that can get stressful.

There are normally:
2 children to hand out equipment- paint/brushes
2 children to help wash up. I supervise this.
Every child gets a cloth to clean down their desk. I spray the disinfectant spray.
2 children with towels to dry the desks.

When their desk is dry they can go and get their books and arrange their pile on their desk.

I personally don't like to put covers on the table during art- I'd rather give them a good scrub and disinfect each week!

Sayings like "Freeze", teacher:"L.I.S."/ Class: "T.E.N.", "Class Class/ Yes Yes" work really well during art to catch the full class' attention.