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Monday 17 August 2015

Assessing Art


Teacher may notice engagement in the art lessons. Children who tense up during creative moments in art may have trouble in other subjects- such as creative writing ideas and drama. Mind Maps may help them filter out ideas.

Children who may need encouragement. Fear of expression- does the child feel happy and safe in their learning environment? I often find this brings lots of circle time discussions about school being a place to make mistakes and learn.


Portfolios- staple two A2 sheets together as a folder if you wish to keep the children's work for the year. I find younger ages prefer to take their work home with them throughout the year. They can't wait to show it off! :) Take photographs of the work to keep a record if you decide to send the work home. The photographs are good to keep- who knows when you will need them again! ;)

Self Assessment- a simple smiley/sad face on the back of the work can show this.

Teacher Checklist:

Is there a progression in the child's abilities?
What are the students learning? Does this build on prior knowledge?
How can the teacher communicate positive points and encourage the child to progress further?

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