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Saturday 15 August 2015

For the child that gets hung up on perfection...

There are some children that are so creative, and others that find the greyness of the subject so daunting.

While I like everything to be 'just so' in my classroom- organised into plastic boxes and zip lock bags- I like the learning to be flexible.

I feel this is so important in school. Learning can be so rigid before college and then we are expected to think outside the box and take leaps of faith in different research topics.

Here are some great ways to help the child looking for perfection to work creatively:

Remove the White Paper

I know the feeling myself- that big sheet of white paper- now how to make a product that looks 'nice'?

Scrap it!

Cut a hole in the paper. It's already ruined...let the creativity begin! 

Or how about removing the white paper altogether?

Painting on newspaper:

Finding a picture in the Abstract

Sketch Books

As I mentioned in a previous post, using sketch books in the classroom was highly beneficial this year. I picked up this sketch book in MoMA- it has fantastic sketch starts.

It's available on Amazon and I highly recommend it! 

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