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Saturday 15 August 2015

Irish Museum of Modern Art & Contemporary Art

Museum visits are something teachers don't often consider for younger years. I brought my first class to The Museum of Modern Art in Dublin last year. They loved it!


The school I work in is a DEIS school. There was no charge for our guided tour. I think there may be a fee for non-DEIS schools, €26 comes to mind.

It was such an eye-opening visit. The guides were amazing- the questions- and answers they managed to get from the children...

This piece really got the children talking- were they old or new lightbulbs? Was someone storing them? Or recycling?

The tour included a workshop.

Afterwards the class had their picnic in the lunch room and played out in the maze. I think they remembered this day more than their actual school tour! :D

I picked up this book in MoMA while in New York- it has great ideas for teaching children to respond to contemporary art and reminded me of the tour guide in IMMA.

I even found this book as a great introduction to Contemporary Art for myself. I happened to come across it in my local town library- so it's worth a look! 

I cannot help but notice all the integration opportunities- Science, P.E.


SPHE, Science

Check out this painting- made with prints of the artist's eyelashes! 

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