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Wednesday 26 August 2015

Responding to Music with Art

Music is the subject I fear! I'm a total visual learner, some people contest this, but I have to see things to remember them! The CD player is my best friend at music time! :D

I do like to respond to music though. I find chill out sounds to be an invaluable resource in the classroom. We meditate to them and I often play music during art.

Playing a good variety of music is best to get the children to respond to it.

Start with something dark and slow...

And then maybe contrast it with something fast and vibrant!

And ask one or some of these questions:
Draw a pattern in response to the music
Draw a line to show the shape of the music
Draw a picture of what you think about when you listen to this music
Draw a picture to tell what is happening in the music
Draw a picture about what the music reminds you of
Draw a series of cartoons to go with the music
Draw the instruments you hear
Design a CD cover for this music
Draw a picture of the part of the world that this music comes from
Design a poster to advertise a performance of this music
Design a stage setting for this music
Draw a portrait of the composer
Draw a design to show the different sounds you hear

And embrace the abstract creations that happen!! 

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