Monday, 11 January 2016

Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year will fall on February 9th 2016. It will be the year of the monkey.

Chinese Dragon Story

Chinese Dragons:

These were made with two paper plates. Cut one in half and then stick onto the other- so that you can slide your hand inside and use as a puppet.

Use egg cartons for the eyes.
Decorate with colourful feathers and tissue paper.

Chinese Lanterns:

Chinese Drums:

Two paper plates stuck together, lollipop stick for handle and beads tied onto a string to create the drum!

Rice Paper and Bamboo Sticks:

I ordered Rice Paper from eBay and carved bamboo to a point. Dip in ink and create in a traditional Chinese way! The children enjoy the process of this. You can also use watery paint and brushes. 

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