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Monday, 14 November 2016

The Importance of Doodling

Were your old school books covered in doodles? Did you draw moustaches on the faces in newspapers as a child? Doodling can be quite therapeutic, but there are some important benefits to doodling.

As a toddler, doodling allows children to express themselves- they learn that their lines and marks can represent a form of communication.

Children (and adults) can think out ideas through doodling. There is no pressure to create something artistic so everyone can access this art.

Last month, I visited a really interesting exhibition in The Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam. There was an exhibition about the work of Jean Tinguely. It was a really fun exhibition! He enjoyed making machines out of scrap materials to create unique abstract art- or 'doodles'.

He also enjoyed sending some of his own doodles to people- so simple, but so effective.

Doodles would be a fantastic response to Tinguely's work.

It's a fun drawing lesson to explore in primary school, but children may find it difficult to know where to start. Luckily Twinkl have made some free doodling resources for Claire's Primary School Art followers! They have a blank book shelf- this may be handy during Book Week and a blank shop window- may be a nice link with ag siopad√≥ireacht.

If you have any other doodle ideas- it is worth asking Twinkl to create a resource, this is free of charge! What did we ever do without it! :) 

If you're interested in learning more about the benefits of doodling this interesting article highlights how it can be of benefit to your focus and memory!

Saturday, 6 August 2016

Tiger Shop

I love Tiger Stores, here's a few finds from a trip today! :)

This 'Pearl Clay' looks like an interesting malleable material! Great for sensory play as there are pearl beads mixed in the clay.

Some handy little watercolour paint palettes.

This activity book was €3. It will be a great addition to the sketch books I will use with the class this year.

This is a repurchase- I got great use out of this book last year, especially during September and the theme of 'Myself'.


I've been meaning to buy this one for a while now. I think this will also be great to use with the sketchbooks just to inspire creativity! 


Thursday, 4 August 2016

Aistear Themed Art


Links to Autumn Art ideas:


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Links to Summer/ Beach Art Ideas:


Responding to Picasso's portraits

Here are links to 'Myself' ideas:

My Home\

Link with the Three Little Pigs story

Link to emotional meanings behind 'house' drawings:

My Community

A journey stick is a great means to capture the environment they live in. Link with the book "Stickman".

Links to School Themed Art:


PVA glue, paint and shaving foam mix

Chalk and oil pastels


Creating clothes for snowmen/ dolls/ scarecrows etc


A great idea for some cutting skills!


Peppers and mushrooms also add variety to the print shapes created.
Jack and The Beanstalk idea


People Who Help Us

Friday, 29 July 2016

Visual Arts on a Budget

During the summer I put a link on my Facebook page to a Survey Monkey questionnaire about  the visual arts budget in classrooms. 

Most teachers (32%) have a budget of €100-200 euro each year. The top 5 resources bought from this money are paper/card, paints, clay, PVA glue and crepe paper.

With a strict budget, many teachers are looking for ways to cut down their art supplies bill so to ensure that they can bring the best variety of art lessons to the children in their class. So here are some ideas!

Certain supplies are worth investing in, as they can be minded throughout the years. Such examples are print rollers and pastels. 

Fabric and Fibre

Firstly ReCreate Ireland is a fantastic resource. 

Basically this is a warehouse full of reused art supplies. When a company is throwing out supplies they send it here. You can visit and fill your car with as much resources as you need. The school can join and everyone can access the supplies, and there is also an individual membership plan. 
There are loads of unused plastic containers that can be used as water pots/ paint trays also.

Another idea to collect fabric and fibre resources is to visit your local curtain suppliers. Sample books are often thrown out. They are great as the material is already cut to a nice size. Some thicker materials can be difficult for younger years to cut however.

Ask the children to collect Christmas wrapping paper and Easter egg wrappers for you. We always did this for our teachers and loved to try flatten the tin foil from the eggs!

Paint and Colour

Cereal boxes are great for making stencils from also. Cut out the shapes with a craft knife. 

In terms of paint and paper- there are often better deals when these are bought in bulk- it might be worth teaming up with another teacher in the school and going halves on some items. 

Have a cup at the back of your class for any 'lost and found' markers or crayons. I keep a plastic tub full of odd markers and crayons and the class love to use them as there is a good variety!

It may be useful to have an 'at school' pencil case and an 'at home' one to ensure equipment doesn't get lost as quick.  


Clay is a strand unit, yet a bag can set you back €15. There are alternatives to store bought clay however. 
Homemade salt dough is really easy to make and sets hard in the oven.

Natural clay is something that children can always access. That sticky wet clay is perfect for experimenting in manipulation play. How about creating some tree creatures from it?


Foam printing can be expensive, but foam plates (€1.49 pack of 20- Dealz) are a great alternative.

Use old CV covers (plastic part) to print on also. 

Buy PVA glue in 5 litre tubs as it will last. Just pour some hot water over the lid if it gets stuck! 


Bring the class outdoors and explore creating shelters. They can be constructed on a small or large scale, depending on the resources available. 

Ideas for building shelters:

Responding to Art

There are some amazing sites to create art on that are absolutely free.

Some books that are great to inspire children are also available on Youtube. 

Many of these books may be in your local library also.

I hope these are useful ideas! Please share any tips of tricks that you may know! :)