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Thursday 3 September 2015

Skin Colours

The discussion about skin colour always comes up while creating self-portraits. I often find that children with darker skin pick up the peach 'skin colour' pencil. This leads into a conversation of why they chose it and we compare colours of the pencils with their skin.

It is so important that children are proud of their identity. 

Here are some resources that ensure all children feel included in your class:

Actual skin colour paint. If you are happy to mix this it may be a cheaper option than buying more paint.

Pink and yellow tend to mix well for paler skin tones. 

Add more yellow for a more sallow colour. 

Add red and green to get a darker skin tone.

Blue can make the colour a bit cooler- this works well with browns.

Little amounts of the darker colour at a time and just mix and experiment until you are happy with it. 




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