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Sunday 27 September 2015

November theme: My School, Winter

Week 1:

Beginning with the theme "School" that will be integrated across all subjects-

In first class the children are concentrating on capital letters and their handwriting. They really want to be allowed to use pens in their copies, but this doesn't happen for a few years. So Calligraphy is a great way to allow them to experiment!



At this age, just letting the children experiment is best. This is a new medium.

It will be a great lesson to reinforce letter formation as well as the use of capital letters. Calligraphy markers are much more durable than the pens.

At a very basic level- the children hold the pen flat to the paper. Begin as you would with a pre-writer. Zig Zags, lines, curves. They could trace over letters.

Week 2:

As winter is here (brrr!) we will begin to look at colour tones.

I normally print off templates to get the children to paint within, but I have found this has become an instructional procedure rather than experimenting with colour.

This year I think I will put down large sheets of paper and let them create colours. I will obviously control the colours that they have access to- otherwise they will just keep mixing the colours until they are brown!!

See here for my tips on teaching Primary Colours:

Week 3:

A group painting using only the colours blue, black and white.

Week 4:

Experimenting with warm colours.

Creating a warm winter fire using chalk pastels to blend the colours.

I recommend using black sugar paper (it's rougher and the colour stays better)

Let the children experiment with the medium on a sample paper first. By smudging the colours with their finger they can blend them.


Seal the chalk pastels with some hairspray. There are special sprays you can buy, but they are expensive.

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