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Sunday 6 September 2015

How to Comment on Children's Art

That moment when you blurt "What a beautiful horse!" to be told it is in fact a cat...
Here's some comments to help avoid those moments!


1. Comment on what you see. 

When I was at the Incredible Years course the psychologists recommended simply commenting on what the child is doing gives them recognition.

"You are drawing a line".
"You are really concentrating on your picture"

Stand and count to 5 in your head to stop yourself saying anymore. The child may open up about what they are in the process of doing.

2. Compliment something specific.

"I like the way you have used the colour yellow here".

Again, count to 5 in your head and pause to hear a reply.

3. Recognise the skills

"Wow, your colouring is inside the lines"
"You have cut that piece very carefully"

There are some more questions here that might be good to use with older classes:


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