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Wednesday 16 September 2015

Rugby World Cup Art- Senior Classes

Here are the important dates:

A Crucial Week also has lessons on her site for this topic:

Negative Colour Art:

Looking at two opposite tones-

This could be applied to the logo- a bit like this:

The children could do this using complementary colours from their colour wheel. This is a simple enough logo for them to draw freehand.

They could etch it in polystyrene and make prints of the logo also. This is available from Cork Art Supplies:


 Negative Space Drawing:

This is tricky- encourage the children to look at the shape behind the trophy and draw that. Also the shapes inside the handles. They draw the back ground. This is an important drawing skill to learn. It helps placement while drawing still life objects.

Also- get the children to draw the trophy without looking at their page. This also encourages looking and gets the children to pay attention to the contours. 

They could then redraw the trophy - adding the light and shadow.

Make it interesting by using charcoal and chalk pastels! 

Maybe a mosaic of it also?

Upside Down Drawing:

Give the children the photo of Paul O Connell upside down- as is. They draw their pictures upside down also. This gets them to look at what they are actually drawing as it changes the perspective of a figure. 

They could use the actual photo and try to recreate it with string instead of a pencil also.

Here is some other information that may come in handy for visual art lessons:

A paper mache rugby ball may also be an option? Paint it in the country they support colours.

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