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Sunday 27 September 2015

Houses and the emotional meanings

Young children draw the world as they perceive it.

As Gaeilge normally moves to the theme of "Sa Bhaile" in October, the theme of "Houses", "My Home" and "My Family" are more than likely being explored.

Before children learn the skills to draw their house accurately, their drawings may give you a more honest view into how their see their home life. This may be beneficial when drawing up behaviour plans or emotional support in the classroom.

Firstly, the child will spend time drawing the family members they deem important. As a teacher, I always see the child drawing their parent(s), sibling(s) and pet(s).

When the child draws the house, does it look warm and inviting?
Windows and paths are symbolic of the child's feelings of being open. Shut curtains and no paths may indicate being closed towards communicating with others.

Does the house dominate the page? or is it small and in the corner?
This could represent the dominance of home life, or rejection.

I'm not an art therapist, nor am I trained in the area, but I found these posts interesting as we get to know the children in our class further. This is often the time of the year when behaviour problems begin and the child's art may be an insight to the feelings within.



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