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Saturday 12 September 2015

Exploring the theme of Autumn in October

I set up a nature table to encourage the children to identify the leaves and collect some. This encourages them to start to look at their environment for art inspiration!

I also named the tables different tree names for the month. Twinkl has handy templates for this- I just used the ones they may see in Ireland (Birch, Oak, Willow and Elder) It's a pity Horse Chestnut is missing- but this is an easy one to remember!


Here's my plan for exploring autumn this month;

Week 1:

Introducing Land Art:

I bought Richard Shilling and Julia Brooklyn's book recently. It is like a picture book of all the possibilities of land art. It will be very inspiring!


We will look at the work of Andy Goldsworthy and discuss his work.

Questions to ask:
What colours can you see?
Can you see any shapes?
Does it make you feel happy or sad?
Are the colours warm or cold?
Does the art remind you of anything?

Week 2:

As I mentioned in an earlier post, Leaf Man will be used to introduce children to the idea of creating beings with leaves.

"Tap the Magic Tree" is another visually great book to show the children how the seasons affect trees.

Collecting leaves. I will encourage children to find the leaves that appeal to them and ask them questions about why they chose that leaf. This encourages them to focus on the process.

This week we will enjoy arranging leaves. Photographs are a great way of recording the process, especially if you are on your 'dip year'/ teaching practice.

These photographs could be added to the child's sketch book as it is all part of the creative process.

I will press some of the leaves in a flower press to preserve them. I will also dip them in bees wax to preserve them for the nature table.

Week 3:

Leaf Prints; as I am teaching first class we will create some basic prints.

Set up a printing area in your class. They will need this to have a clean area for printing and to have enough space.

If children are waiting- let them place leaves under the page in their scrap book and make relief prints with crayons.

Area 1:
Roll some printing ink on a tray to ensure there is a thin layer of paint on the roller.
Roll the paint covered roller on some acetate.
Place a leaf on top. (It will turn out white, if you do not want this- roll another colour onto the leaf)

Area 2:
This is the clean printing area.

Place the clean sheet of paper on top of the paint covered acetate and painted leaf.
With a clean roller, gently roll so that paint prints onto the page.

As I am doing these lessons at the same time, it isn't possible to have my own photos, but I'll add them as we go! This link has a great step by step instruction though!


Tah Dah! Leaf Prints! :)

Week 4:


We will roll out clay on our desk. Using the leaves, sticks and any other seeds etc that the children bring in we will make marks, lines and prints in the clay.

The clay can be cropped into squares using a ruler and displayed as a group project in a tile like fashion.

You could glue them to a wooden board- it would be a permanent display. If you would like the children to have a piece to bring home, they can just be placed on a table to display them for the time being.


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