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Wednesday 25 November 2015

Clay Christmas/Winter Themed

"Hey any nice handy ideas using clay with fifth and sixth something a bit different theme winter/ Xmas

Clay Christmas Decorations


A simple way to create Christmas decorations, simply roll and cut clay. Put a hole in the decoration and Tah Dah!

Harry Potter Sorting Hat Christmas Tree


I thought this was a great idea! Ensure to scour and use a drop of water on the surface that you are sticking bobbins to. 

Clay House


I liked the idea of this. I would use clay slabs for this. Roll out the slabs of clay you need 24 hours before hand. Store in between layers of newspaper. It will have a leather like texture. It's very easy to work with as it's not sticky.

Stick the pieces of clay together by scouring the surface and buttering on some 'slip. (Blended clay and water 1:4)

Glass Jar Scene


Using old jam jars, roll out clay (or use slabs) and create your Christmas/Winter Scene. Wrap around. Finish with some nice decorations like a ribbon around the top of the jar. Place a tea light into the jar for effect!

Melted Snowman


A cool alternative to clay snowmen! Make sure to scour surfaces that you stick together. Paint a layer of PVA glue over the painted clay for a glossy effect. It will look milky, but will dry clear!

Hope there are some ideas here! :) 

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