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Thursday 12 November 2015

Tones of Blue

I have explored different tones of blue with classes before, but after talking to Eithne Gallagher, I put a new spin on the group work element of this lesson!

We began with making 'lines' or 'marks' in our sketch books.
The colours used were 
- a big bit of white and small bit of blue
- blue
- a big bit of blue and a small bit of black

These are the different tones of blue. The children enjoyed experimenting with the colours.

Then onto our group work. The children were put into groups and numbered. We began with 'No.1's' and they made a mark on the big page. Then 2's and 3's.

The plain white paper now had 'marks' on it. This removes the perfection/fear element.

The children that are normally shy have already made a mark and hold ownership over the group piece. The stronger children will step back as the paper is already marked and they won't take over.

The lesson ended up being quite experimental. As I said, I have done this lesson before and the end result was quite polished. However, this time it was more process based and the end result was quite abstract. The children really enjoyed it!

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