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Tuesday 17 November 2015


I have begun some after school art lessons with sixth class. My main focus is to ease the transition to secondary school- giving them a taste of the lessons that they may have if they choose art next year.

I asked some secondary school art teachers for advice and most replied with practice drawing still life objects- they felt that children are so used to making products in primary school that when they come to secondary they are missing a lot of the skills.


I haven't any formal training in art like secondary school teachers would have, but I'm just giving it a go! However, I did find this website extremely helpful.

Firstly, we began with drawing different types of line. Practising different types of line, with different shades of pencil and varying the intensity of each.

I gave the children some ideas that they may respond with a line.

Then we drew some onions and oranges. The children were encouraged to look and observe- what were they actually seeing in front of them?

Then using 'windows' the children focused in on a small area and enlarged it onto the page.

There was a big focus on looking at the shapes and drawing what they see- not a cartoon version of the objects.

Here's another great idea for creating Optical Illusions with line:

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