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Sunday, 6 December 2015

Kandinsky, Emotions, Colours and Shapes



I found this really interesting lesson on Deep Space Sparkle

"Russian artist Wassily Kandinsky’s paintings use color to show emotions rather than painting an object to look real. This concept is particularly intriguing to young children as they generally strive to make all their drawings look as real as possible. Introducing young children to Kandinsky’s abstract artwork encourages them to see that art is created many ways."

It is approached on this blog as a fabric and fibre lesson, but I think it would also work really well as a paint or pastels lesson.

Children find circles very difficult to cut out- so great for fine motor skills also.

I'd like to do this lesson when I'm covering 2D shapes in maths, it would be a fantastic group work project- a table for triangles/ squares/ circles etc and creating the different shapes.

Also- in my MA course, one of my colleagues created colour studies using circles like this. They were amazing. She looked at flowers and them picked the colours in the flowers and arranged them in Kandinsky like circles. This would be a fantastic way of looking at the colours and colour mixing in older years.

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