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Sunday 22 November 2015

Christmas Decorations

I always find it tricky to find Christmas themed art that isn't a real product based lesson. It is nice to send something home to hang on the tree for parents and that children will have as a keepsake. The problem is that we usually try to do this with the early years so we end up doing most of the 'art' for them!

Here are some simple ideas that I've used in the past, or have found online- sources quoted!

Seriously simple for early years:


Cut the middle out of a paper plate. They can paint and stick glitter and sequins on to it.

Candy Cane:

The first process in clay is rolling. The children roll the clay and then shape into a candy cane. Paint red and white strips.

Popcorn Santa:

How about sticking Santa's beard on using popcorn?!

Still simple for younger ages:

A friend recommended to staple the paper plate together!

Painting pine cones:

Children love to paint on surfaces different to paper- large packs of pine cones can be ordered from sites like Amazon, or collected outside if you have access to coniferous trees.
Simply paint and decorate the pine cones and they can be hung as decorations.


Bread Decorations:

Using cookie cutters, the children cut shapes in fresh white bread. Make a hole for ribbon with a straw. Leave on a wire tray to harden for a day or two. Mix paint and PVA and paint and add glitter and sequins. When dry, thread ribbon through and hang from tree.

Potato or Sponge Print Wrapping Paper:

Printing a continuous pattern on an A2 sheet to use for wrapping paper.

Laminate decorations:

I stumbled across this online: http://123learnonline.blogspot.ie/2010/12/christmas-ornament.html

Texture Print Christmas Tree:

Another find online, love this! Alter this idea with other objects, fingers or hands.


Many pound shops sell seriously cheap bobbles. Decorate using a Sharpie. Add finger or hand prints to create sentimental keepsakes.


Jigsaw Piece Decorations:


Older years:


Snow Globes:

In an old jar- create a character from 'Sugru'. Stick on the lid. Let dry. Fill the jar with glitter and water. Close and turn upside down. (https://sugru.com/)

Pine Cones:

Creating christmas characters from the pine cones- add cotton wool for a snow man, or lollipop stick for skis.

Creating crackers:

Buy the 'pop' part online, and using an old toilet roll, some elastic bands and crepe paper make a cracker!
This is a more complicated version: http://crafts.tutsplus.com/tutorials/how-to-make-your-own-gorgeous-christmas-crackers--craft-15811

Nativity Scenes:

A gorgeous keepsake: http://www.bombshellbling.com/12-kid-crafts-for-the-12-days-of-christmas/

Candle Holders:

Paint jars with glass paint- fabulous candle holders
Create a circle in clay, bend into an 'L' shape. Cut out a shape on the longer side and use the smaller side to sit the tea light.


Creating a spherical shape using highlight.


Creating a meaningful painting with a special holiday message:




There are also other Christmas ideas like a simple painting of Christmas time.
-Printing with tinsel or pine cones.
-Snow scenes- splat the white paint on with a paintbrush after for a snow like effect!
-Santa in the sky silhouette

This book had some great ideas:

Simply wrapping chocolate bars and decorating as snowmen-

Or decorating matchboxes to hide a small treat in!

Contemporary Art:


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  1. I still remember the way we decorated christmas trees with ornaments and greeting cards. Its a different feeling and can't replace it with these artificial . Nice article... +1