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Thursday 26 May 2016

Forest School: Bow Saw and Forest School Medals

We began the lesson with our movement game; Beetle Tag. Everyone is on, and only the limbs can be tagged. When a limb is tagged, the child 'looses' that limb. They put the tagged arm across their chest/ hop on the opposite foot that was tagged. When all limbs are tagged, the child lies on their back like an upside down beetle. Another person can touch their forehead to release them.

Next we solved our leaf puzzles. Each child was given a leaf that had been torn, they out them back together. Some children wanted to bring the leaf to the tree it belonged to!

Mr. Earthworm

We have had the theme of a visiting earthworm throughout the whole Forest School experience! One day, long before I has started the framework, the boys came in from break with a earthworm on their football. They were disgusted and asked me to remove it! 
On our first Forest School lesson, an earthworm appeared in the centre of the circle. There were shrieks. I explained that we need earthworms for the soil and birds and that they were just trying to get back into the soil.
Last week the earthwork appeared again. The children were reminding others where the earthworm was and not to stand on him. 
Today, the earthworm appeared as we were putting our leaves together. The children decided to cover him with their leaves to protect him from the sun! What progress!! :) 

For the construction strand of visual arts we focused on constructing Forest School medals as this was our final session. 

We then used the bow saw to cut wooden discs or 'cookies'. We did this slowly and carefully as a group. I had some cookies prepared for the medals as I knew we wouldn't have time to cut enough in the session.

The children then used palm drills to create holes in the cookie. These are made from drill bits that have been secured in a solid wood (Holly).

They were then decorated with markers. Berries are a great natural dye if they are available! The medals were worn with pride! :) 

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