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Monday 20 June 2016

Co-Operative Art Activities

Any summer ideas or fun ideas 5th and 6th class could do as a  group art activity
Thank you"

Here are some co-operative art ideas, they will also be good to use in September for friendship development skills.

To complete a group activity in art- give each child a number and then instruct each number to make a mark on the page before beginning the activity. This removes the ownership of the piece by the perfectionist/ strong artist in the group and encourages process. (Thanks Eithne for this tip ;) )

This can be done as different tones of a colour to add an interesting element to it. 

Blindfolds are such a great resource to have. Vision is an interesting sense to remove from art!! Blindfold one child and get the others to instruct them in their drawing.

Increase the paper! Stick multiple big sheets of paper to the ground in the classroom with masking tape. Allow the children to paint the picture together.
Simply allowing them to 'paint a picture' may create disagreements. Write ideas on strips of paper and put in a box. Let one child from the group pick the idea from the box. Other inspiration may be sounds or tastes (alarm clock ringing/ eating a chilli) that the children respond to with line or shape.


Get a big box and line it with paper.  Dip marbles/ tennis balls in paint. Let the children move the box to create a design on the paper.

Foot painting is another fun way of creating a group painting!

Silent Art. Each child has a different colour. One draws a line or shape on a page in their colour. Without talking, the other child then adds to that line. They continue until the page is full.

Create an art piece that will be used in a co-operative lesson. Sock puppets are one example. Then create a drama as a group after!

Creating a board with one overall theme. Each smaller group adding to the main board.

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