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Thursday 14 April 2016

Forest Schools Land Art

We began our forest school programme today! Yay!

We moved into the area and played 'sink and fade' as well as learning our forest school names (I'm Claire Caterpillar!). Boundaries were established and red ribbons were hung to mark these.

Using jeweller's loupes, the children began to become more observant of the environment.
"Teacher! This tree has fur on it!"

They loved this activity and became so focused on it. As the Forest Schools ethos is very child led, there was a lot of "Look over here!". This provided great learning opportunities and encouraged the children to really take charge of their own learning.

"Sink and Fade"
Activities like this keep the children in close proximity as well as bringing them close to the feel and smells of nature.

What's inside the tulip? This was found by one of the children and she called us over to have a look.

Examining the Gorse. This plant smells like coconut and is also safe to eat!

Yummy primrose! We tried this- the children couldn't believe they were allowed to eat this! 
This really brought a multi sensory approach to creating art.

Our finished Land Art piece. Inspired by artists like Andy Goldsworthy. Even though we were focused on the process, the product ended up being much stronger than when I competed this lesson before.

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