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Thursday 28 April 2016

Forest School, Constructing Bird Feeders

The weather today made Forest School a bit more challenging- for the adults, the children didn't mind at all!! :D

We began with a recap on last week's game "palm tag". Tuesday's group also played a game where half the group hid and the other half had to find them while blindfolded. To find them they had to call "1, 2, 3 Where are you?" While the other group responded with "1, 2, 3, I'm over here". This encourages the use of other senses.

We began to think about the birds that live in the trees above the school. The children acted out common bird behaviours- young birds when hunger/ birds under threat etc.

To say thank you to the birds for letting us use their area, we decided to create simple bird feeders. We covered pine cones in margarine and pressed bird seeds onto them. We then hung them from the trees.

One of the staff in the school took this picture of us all huddled under the shelter making our bird feeders! :) 

According to the feedback, the children really enjoyed using the messy margarine! It was a good process to press the seeds into the margarine as some children tried to loosely pour them onto the cones. Thankfully no clean up required! :) 

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