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Saturday 9 January 2016

St. Valentine's Day

Love it or hate it- St. Valentine's Day art is here! 

This is such a lovely idea to remind children to express gratitude to their loved ones. 3 years ago, my sister's husband passed away (January 12th 2013), it was such a tragic time for her and her two children. In the darkest hour, she arrived home to a St. Valentine's Day card from her 6 year old son- I remember the bit of joy and love it brought to her. So love or hate the idea, I always like to send something home- and the children love it too!

Here are some ideas I did last year:

Coiled paper hearts:

So simple and so beautiful.

Cut strips of pink and red paper.
Roll into coils.

Using plenty of PVA glue to stick down.

I'd use this idea with 3rd class upwards.

Plaster of Paris Plant Pots:

You can buy rolls of plaster of paris on Cork Art Supplies.

Cut into strips and dip in water.
Stick on to a plastic cup that has been layered in Vaseline to stop it sticking.

Paint and varnish.

Footprint/ finger print art:

Great for younger years, so many ideas on Pinterest around this.

(Print hand with fingers spread apart to create bunny ears)

Sweet Tubs:

"I Chews You"


Print using foam- remind them that letters will be backwards!

Foam boards can be purchased from Art suppliers, or using foam plates from a euro shop!
-Using a sharp pencil, etch out the design.
-Roll some printing ink or acrylic paint on a tray with a print roller until it makes a 'sticky' sound.
-Roll the paint onto the foam.
-Place the paper on top and roll with a clean roller to press it. Peel off!

Otherwise acetate can be used to print. Roll on the paint first- draw the design with a cotton bud and print. 

Heart Teddy Bear:

A quick simple idea, draw different shaped hearts, color and cut and create their own heart shaped bear. 

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