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Saturday 17 October 2015

IMMA CPD and tours

I attended a teacher's CPD course in the Irish Museum of Modern Art (IMMA) on Saturday.

I love this museum, I just think that the look and a lot of the contemporary art is so accessible to children. I also think it is great to show young children the different type of art available, contemporary art may be more abstract and may influence the child to get creative! IMMA seem to make a lot of efforts to welcome schools and children to the exhibitions there, I love this!

The CPD course was about using IMMA's website as a helpful resource in your teaching of visual art.

In the Education and Community section you can book tours as well as CPD courses. 
I highly recommend the tour. If you have a chat with Mark you can let him know what level your class is at and they will pitch the tour to their level. 

See my earlier post about my visit: 

It sounds like IMMA have great plans for the school visits this year. Edward Maguire's portraits and Nick Miller's remake of these portraits will show children that there is no 'right' or 'wrong' way to capture a painting. 
Artefacts from Maguire's studio will also be exhibited. This is such a brilliant way to give children an insight to how an artist works. 

There will also be paper works and works based on the political troubles in Northern Ireland. This will be a fantastic link with the SESE curriculum and will bring it to life for them- age appropriate of course. 

The tours will be available from November 19th 2015 onwards.

The next teacher's CPD course is on November 7th, unfortunately I have other commitments that day- but I do highly recommend it! If you are there for educational purposes there is free entry into the exhibits. I went to "What We Call Love", such a splendid way to spend my Saturday- totally therapeutic for me!

The website itself is great for finding Irish artists that may be exhibited there. Simply search under 'Search the Collection'. You can bookmark them under 'My Portfolio', unfortunately this does not save once you exit the browser.

Some we found that we thought children may enjoy were:

Terry Akinson: work based on the troubles

Robert Ballagh: lots of shapes in his work

Barry Flanagan: animal sculptures with musical instruments

Chuck Close: Portraits

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